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This Week in Brief

For those who don’t know, our congregation is part of a “stake,” or a group of congregations based in Montgomery, Alabama. For the last nine years, the lay pastor over all the congregations in our stake was Eric Boswell. On Sunday Pres. Boswell was released and an old family friend, Quinn Millington, accepted the position for the next nine or ten years.


I knew Pte. Millington would be stake presidente someday. I just hoped Pte Boswell would last until I got home. Oh, well.
I don´t have any time to write. They just told us that, since today is a holiday, the internet café will close two minutes ago. I guess it´s as good an excuse as any for not writing much. Just so´s you know, this week was interesting. Our bishop is being released, and his first counselor moved.  This will be a great opportunity to reorganize the ward and we’re excited about it.
BTW, since when is there a ward in Millbrook, Alabama?
Other bullet points:
Elder Camargo from the seventy came to Valledupar and had a brief meeting with the missionaries. He knows me from other visits and picked on me.
How much does gas cost? My comp told me it´s at 6 bucks a gallon in California.
Okay, that´s all. I hope you´re all well, and I love you.
Elder Belú