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Muchas Cosas

I think I´d better get used to surprises in General Conference. I can´t ever describe how it felt when the temple in Barranquilla was announced. I was in the ward where they bought the lot at the time and in the stake center of that ward, right there (I´m not going to get competitive with Grandpa, though. It´s not the area where I started, after all). The feeling when President Monson announced the temple in Barranquilla was like when he announced the change in age for missionaries. It´s directly personal, something that changes my life and my family.
First things first. I feel that what we´ve always lived, that a few sisters serve missions for some special desire or guidance, is over. Now I expect that the majority of the young women who really love the Lord will serve missions. They can now serve, return, and still be married by an early age. I expect Cassie and Beth will consider it, too, in a couple of years.
It´s not a big surprise that the young women are putting in mission papers already. The change in age limit for them is huge and really shows how important they are in this effort. I expect that the number of missionaries will increase dramatically over the next year.
I guess it´s possible that you can see what was the high point in my week. In the area, we´re a little bogged down in a Viper Cub, here, and just trying to find investigators. Might be a baptism this weekend, just depends on the interview, but it´s someone the last missionaries here left almost ready. We´re here to fill the font.
You commented that we´re close to Venezuela. It´s true: everybody sells contraband gas here that they bought over the line, cheap. There are also members of the Indian tribe Guayú, from La Guajira, who wear traditioinal clothes and worship little idols, but we really don´t see them much. We´re in the downtown and residential sections of the city, where there´s not much going on (other than buying and selling, obviously).
Anyway, that´s the smaller part of my record. The history of my people I will write on other plates and hide, so you can never see it until someone combine the two sets of plates in about four hundred years.
One last thing: how is Sister Ermer? I guess she´s in California. My regrets for her loss.
Y, pues, chao,
Elder Belú

General Conference in Colombia

Cordial saludo,

This week went well. My area enchants me. Even though we`re currently a little short on great investigatores, we`re finding a lot of new people (for example, the thirteen-year-old cousin of a couple of members who was in three sessions of the conference wearing a tie, which even the members almost never do).
I don`t remember if I told you all about the activity we had, contacting with a group of young men with a brief message about the Restoration a couple of weeks ago, but we have a few investigators from there, too. Others have stopped investigating for on reason or another (a common reason is having a husband or boyfriend who doesn´t like Mormons). We keep progressing.
The Conference is a whole lot more important for me now than it was, and I always liked it. I noticed that a lot of the messages talked about the men who aren`t really active, who let their wives lead in all spiritual matters. I`ve seen that a lot in Colombia, but also in the States. I`m so glad that I come from a family that follows the guidance in the Proclamation to the World. I appreciate what you`ve all done for me more every time I talk with someone who`s family is scrambled, who`s dad, or mom, or siblings, don`t care about the family or the gospel. I talked with a kid who always accompanied us in Nuevo Bosque in the conference (in the stake center) who is sending out his papers for the mission against his family´s will. It`s tough for him.
Basically, that`s all I`ve got to say. I do have one request. I like to share personal stories, either mine or from family members, to support things we teach.  I`d like some more stories  about the scriptures, or commandments, or whichever principle, to share with investigatores. Sometimes that helps a lot.
Anyway, que sigan bien, and we`ll be communicating soon,
Los love,
Elder Belù

My Bed is Comfortable

Deer people,

Another week has gone by. Two investigators who have been trying to overcome a lot of obstacles finally were able to do so this week. They were baptized Friday, partied until midnight in the church building (celebrating the marriage) and were confirmed yesterday.

We had a goal of six baptisms this month and had five. I`m okay with that.

We`re excited for General Conference and trying to find more people to baptize. We`ve lost a lot of investigators in water in the last few weeks.

We started sending the clothes to a member to wash this week, so there`s not as much to do on p-day.

Tell Beth that Colombia is very comfortable sometimes, and sometimes not so much. The part where my bed stays is quite comfortable in the morning.

I really don`t have a lot to say. We finded this week a bunch and teached some. Some of the people who listened were weird, some not so much. I like the weird ones better, I think.

Os amo a todos, y que estéis bien,

Elder Belù

In Good Health

I sent Jon a story about someone we know who had to come home from his mission early because of a serious leg injury. I also sent him pictures of our elderly family dog and some bread his youngest brother baked.


An investigator from before we arrived in the area was baptized finally this weekend. There are two more baptisms this weekend, for a couple that we`ve been teaching for about two months (their marriage has been difficult to arrange, but this week should finish it.) Another sister is going to wait a little longer before baptism.

Two sisters from my companion´s ward in Bogotá entered in the sacrament meeting yesterday. They arrived here for vacation and brought a package from his mom. He was incredibly steamed and sent an email to chew out his mom and the whole family (he says he did it with love, but I read the email). Para que sepan, that´s against the rules. He´s a power. A lot of missionaries wouldn´t have worried about the rules.

I`m in good health and don`t think anybody´s gonna freak out and send me to a doctor for seeing my leg. It´s pretty ugly, but in a normal hairy, lumpy, pale kind of way. My health really hasn`t been any kind of problem.

I`m glad to see that the dog Bowser`s okay and the homemade bread looks great. Bread here is good, but different. Will did a great job with that batch.

And that… is the rest of the story.

Elder Belú

P.D. Conferencia General otra vez! What time is the conference over there? They announced it for two hours earlier here than ever.