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This Week

I don´t really have anything to say. My companion got sick, but it wasn´t anything serious (He has very healthy digestive bacteria. Too healthy). He just lost a little baby fat and can´t eat yogurt for a few days.

I did buy a suit and I´ll see about a few other things (maybe a hammock, or something like that).
I think I´m just going to keep writing that I´m alive every week.
Elder Belú
I´m alive.

Otra Semana Mas

This week was interesting. We gave a lot of blessings (strangers asked us for blessings without even knowing what they were doing) and we did the preparations for a baptism, our first for someone we found together (as opposed to the people that the other missionaries found before us). He´s 22 and a law student, a great guy.

A young single mother attended church for the second time, this time with her four kids. I think they´ll be baptized soon as well. Things are looking up.
I´ll start looking for a suit, I guess. I´d rather not bother, but I think you´re right. I ought to do it now in Colombia while it´s not as costly.

I guess a don´t have much more to say. If I´m going to buy a suit here in Colombia, I´ll be using almost all of the cash on the card, so it´d be nice if you can put a little more on there. I want to buy a few items here before leaving. I haven´t seen many nativities still, but I guess there ought to be some, since the Christmas lights are all out already. I´ll look around.

Okay, ya. Les escribo luego.
Elder Belú

Y otra semana

Hello, people,

You asked about my classes for next semester. I have no idea what to take. I´m interested in a Portuguese course, so you can research that if you want. Other than that, I have no idea. I had hoped that during the mission I would find something that would click as a major, and it hasn´t happened.

You asked about strays. There are more strays in one Colombian city than in all of Alabama. The dog packs don´t threaten people, but they´re always around. The pictures you sent of the strays at home didn´t get here, though. Maybe there were too many?

This week was the transfer and we weren´t touched. I´ll be staying here in Valledupar until the end, barring some mid-month surprise. Speaking of which, I doubt the itinerary you received is correct. I´ve seen a lot of travel plans and the flights are always on Thursdays. It also seems highly unlikely that I´ll be passing by Dallas between Colombia and Alabama, since I´d have to basically fly over Alabama to get there. You never know though, and it´d be great.
Has Rachel still not received her call? A sister in our ward here sent in her papers the week after Rachel and got her call last week, for Ecuador. Don´t forget to tell me when it comes.
I got the letter from Jason, (once) and I´m glad his career is going well. It´s a shame he has to move, especially to a Yankee place, but I know he can handle it.
I also am thinking about buying a new suit, but I haven´t decided. Mine has little holes worn in the belt loops, but aside from that it´s still in good shape. I might be able to get it repaired in the states. Here I can get a name-brand suit for about one-twenty, but I really don´t know how good the quality is. Suggestions?

Ok, ya, chao,

Elder Belú

La semana mia

It`s another holiday in Colombia and the internet site where we`re at closes even earlier than the last time, but I`ve got a few things to say.

First, we found an inactive member last Monday who has been lost for about twenty years. We found her in a slightly miraculous way, which I`ll explain someday, and taught her with her nephew, who went with her to church yesterday. After a week of reading the Book of Mormon, she has already regained her testimony, which she shared with the whole ward in sacrament meeting.
This mission doesn`t send letters to the family because it`s terribly expensive. You`ve receive an email and maybe a call in about a month to let you know about my travel plans to come home. I don`t know much more than you do right now, but I expect to be released around the twentieth of December.
I´d like to know how many people are attending in the branch at home these days. Here, we`re getting better. We had eighty people in the sacrament meeting.
Okay, gotta go,
Elder Belú