No Samba Dancing

Hi, peoples,
Today I almost forgot to write home. I printed up what I had in my inbox and read it, then ate lunch, did a few tasks I had waiting, and fell asleep here in the office.  I remembered, though, so all is well.
I´ll just write a little, for the small amount of time I have. My companion has been traveling a lot this week, including right now,  and I have stayed in the area, working with borrowed companions. The secretaries who lived with us moved out to another house yesterday and we stayed. The house is very large and weird without anyone else. I´ve never lived without more missionaries in the house and it´s strange.
I´d rather not receive all the notes from BYU here, so if you can just send the most important ones, I think it´ll work out better. I see that you were able to change my entry date in BYU, so that can just wait, I guess. If there´s anything else that needs doing, we can take care of it later.
Thanks for everything and we´ll be in contact next week.
Elder Belú
PS. My companion did not teach me samba. It takes a great deal more effort than he had time to expend to force me to dance. He did fix the camera, though.
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