Querida familia,
We had another week, like last week. We are focusing on our area right now, until the transfer, at least, so that it can be a model for the mission next transfer. We still had to do a few things, like send the suggestions so the president can make the transfer plans, but we aren’t having any exchanges until the transfer, the fifteenth.
I don´t really have much to write (again). We have found a few new investigatores, but we haven´t had many who progressed recently. We have been able to motivate one investigator a lot this week and he´ll be in church this Sunday, along with one or two other people (I hope). We´re working with members to try to improve the effectiveness in the lessons, because a lot of people have listened to us recently without going to church. It´s a normal phase in the work, and we hope to have people progressing next week.
As for my post-mission plans, don´t ruin my focus. I dón´t know exactly what I´ll do when I get back, but I guess there´s a need for plans. I need to know how much money there will be in my account when I get back. If you can answer today and early, I can check my mail and it´ll be easier for me to decide.
I will think about it and let you know next week. It would also be nice to know about the spring and summer terms (prices and when they start).
BTW, the others here in the office want a campground like that one Cassie went to for girls’ camp.
Elder Belyeu
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