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No Samba Dancing

Hi, peoples,
Today I almost forgot to write home. I printed up what I had in my inbox and read it, then ate lunch, did a few tasks I had waiting, and fell asleep here in the office.  I remembered, though, so all is well.
I´ll just write a little, for the small amount of time I have. My companion has been traveling a lot this week, including right now,  and I have stayed in the area, working with borrowed companions. The secretaries who lived with us moved out to another house yesterday and we stayed. The house is very large and weird without anyone else. I´ve never lived without more missionaries in the house and it´s strange.
I´d rather not receive all the notes from BYU here, so if you can just send the most important ones, I think it´ll work out better. I see that you were able to change my entry date in BYU, so that can just wait, I guess. If there´s anything else that needs doing, we can take care of it later.
Thanks for everything and we´ll be in contact next week.
Elder Belú
PS. My companion did not teach me samba. It takes a great deal more effort than he had time to expend to force me to dance. He did fix the camera, though.

Pirates of the Caribbean–Tayrona, Colombia

Well, I had to go to Tayrona this week to supervise a group of missionaries in a zone p-day. Elder Ribeiro found the problem with my camera, too, so it works now to send photos home. Tayrona is where they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean, so it´s a pretty nice location. I have a lot of pictures from the outing, but I´ll just send a teaser right now.
I had to talk to another missionary from my group in the other mission to ask for some info they´ve got and he told me that they´re going home the nineteenth of December. I don´t know if that´s true for me, too, but it´s likely to be close. I´ll have very little time, but I think I´ll use that time to chose classes at BYU. I´m still a freshman, so I basically can´t sign up for classes before time, anyway. I´ll just postpone that headache for when I can take painkiller without asking permission. I would like it if you can look at the list of required classes to see if there´s anything I absolutely have to take right away, and if you want to put together a rough draft schedule, that´ll be great. If you sign me up for something I don´t want, I can drop it. I guess that after the work Chris put into it, it´ll be easy to show me how to klep Spanish. I expect I´ll be able to pass at least the most basic levels with just a test. I think I can remember how to say perro.
We started an English/Portuguese class and it generated a lot of interest. I don´t remember how much of my interest in Portuguese I´ve communicated, but now the missionary who motivated my interest in the language is my companion. I´m even thinking about taking a class in Portuguese.  It´s really easy, just like the German version of Spanish.
As for housing, I´m sure that a few people will get married in in Chris’s apartment complex and if not, there´s always other options.
You asked about blood pudding. The things that I don´t want to eat are the same things that the majority of the Colombians don´t eat either. I´ve learned to like cow stomach soup and tongue wasn´t too bad, but they´ve never given me blood pudding.
I´d like to take time to work and rest after the mission, but I can´t find anything about that in the Plan of Salvation. I´m sure that everything will work out, like last time. I feel happier when I have a purpose, and when I´m following the guidance of the prophet. I have officially decided, entonces, that I´ll start school again in January. I just have to learn English again.
That´s the plan, then. Let me know if you need me to do anything, but I guess you´ve already done the hard part.
Anyway, until next time,
Amo voces,
Elder Belyeu


Hi, family,
This week we had transfers. The mission transfer is next week, but for assistants it comes early. Elder Candia is zone leader until the transfer, covering for my new companion. My new companion is an elder who started the mission in my zone when I was ZL. He´s the first Brazilian I really got to know in the mission, and I had always wanted to be his companion, so I´m happy. He´s pretty new in the mission to be assistant, but he´s really smart and ready to do it all.
In preparation for the transfers, we´ve been working pretty late in the office. As part of the effort to improve our area, we´re heading out to visit and then coming back to the office at night to keep working, but it´s going good.
My companion is teaching the district leader how to dance Samba.
Every week we receive a list of the people with a baptismal date scheduled for the next three weeks. Every time, a few people fall through and especially for the first day on the list (this week, for example, that day is today) a lot of people always fall through. This week, 25 people were passed for today and a few fell though, so as a district in the office, we held a group fast for the ones who were still there. Then, after starting the fast, the zone leaders started calling to tell us that more people, who hadn´t been progressing towards baptism, made up their minds, were interviewed, and are going to be baptized today. Normally, about ten to twenty percent of the people fall through in the week, but right now it looks like more people will be baptized than we´d planned (26).
I´m glad to know that the branch is doing well in the missionary effort. Are the missionaries still baptizing like they were last year?
I´m also glad for Chris and his new job. I always thought he´d do well in something like that. He´s always been interested in computer science.
Speaking of school, if you can make the preparations for me, so that I can start BYU in January, it looks like the best option. On the other hand, if that would require a lot of my time here, it would be better if I wait. I´d like it if you can look into it, at least. It´ll be a little more complicated if I enter right away, but if not, I´ll have to wait a long time.
 Anyway, that´s my weekly report. Os amo a todos vosotros,
Elder Belú


Querida familia,
We had another week, like last week. We are focusing on our area right now, until the transfer, at least, so that it can be a model for the mission next transfer. We still had to do a few things, like send the suggestions so the president can make the transfer plans, but we aren’t having any exchanges until the transfer, the fifteenth.
I don´t really have much to write (again). We have found a few new investigatores, but we haven´t had many who progressed recently. We have been able to motivate one investigator a lot this week and he´ll be in church this Sunday, along with one or two other people (I hope). We´re working with members to try to improve the effectiveness in the lessons, because a lot of people have listened to us recently without going to church. It´s a normal phase in the work, and we hope to have people progressing next week.
As for my post-mission plans, don´t ruin my focus. I dón´t know exactly what I´ll do when I get back, but I guess there´s a need for plans. I need to know how much money there will be in my account when I get back. If you can answer today and early, I can check my mail and it´ll be easier for me to decide.
I will think about it and let you know next week. It would also be nice to know about the spring and summer terms (prices and when they start).
BTW, the others here in the office want a campground like that one Cassie went to for girls’ camp.
Elder Belyeu