Can you buy sunscreen in Barranquilla?

I’m getting questions from moms about what new elders should pack for Barranquilla.
Can you buy sunscreen in your mission?
Do you have mosquito netting?
Is Dengue fever (the mosquito borne illness) a danger in Colombia?
How often do you wear your suits?
Also, some elders have lost quite a bit of weight in the mission field. Have you noticed that in Barranquilla?
Some missionaries take mink oil to protect the leather in their shoes from all the water. I bet it would have helped yours last longer!
I don´t have much time to write today. I arrived this morning in Barranquilla after working with the zone in Santa Marta the last two days and they informed me that today was the going away party for the missionaries who are going to the new mission (Medellin, Colombia). Two of them are secretaries in the office, so we played soccer with the president and ate lunch with his family. We finished late, so there´s not much time.
Answers: you can buy sunscreen without any problem in Barranquilla or any other city in the mission. They give us mosquito netting but everyone hates it. I´ve never had dengue fever, but theýre always warning us about it. Thee´s nothing we can do, the mosquitoes bite us every day; there´s just never a problem. As ZL, I wore my suit about once a month. Before that, even less. Finally, the majority of the missionaries put on weight. A few gain drastically. The diet here includes a lot of rice and grease.
I help that hopes!
Elder Belyeu
Ánd I´ll write more next time. Sorry, I´m just late!
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