New Responsibilities

Hi, peoples,
I´m sorry I didn´t write on Monday. My p-day was changed without warning to Friday, and then yesterday it was changed again to today. I finally caught up to it, though, so here I am, communicating again.
Last week we had the zone conference in Cartagena, with the two Cartagena zones. President Gaviria and the assistant, Elder Candia, were there. Elder Maughan, from my group in the MTC, was assistant up til last week, but the transfer was close and he left the office after six months assisting. He´s in the area where I started the mission now, zone leader in the zone where I started, and when the other mission (Medellin) opens in a month, he´ll be transferred to the other mission. President Gaviria has recommended him as AP in the new mission.
After the conference in Cartagena, my companion asked the president a question (about a pink tie he wasn´t sure if he could wear) and then we started to leave. The president told me to wait and finished what he was doing, then pulled me off alone to a part of the chapel where there wasn´t anybody and called Elder Candia, too. In moments like this in the mission, one will always think first in the condition of your conscience and then of your family. When he said that Elder Candia had something to tell me, I thought you were all dead.
Turns out that you´re not dead and I´m Elder Candia´s new companion. He went to the house where I was living in Cartagena for the night and we headed out Saturday morning for Barranquilla. We arrived and immediately had to make a lot of last-minute changes in the organization of the mission for the transfer and then the actual transfer. I didn´t sleep much or teach much for the first couple of days, but the rush is over and was pretty fun for a couple of days. I dídn´t think I´d be able to help much for the first few day, but I know the majority of the missionaries and the mission, so I could help a little.
Anyway, that´s my weird week. If I stop writing for a week here or there, don´t worry. The assistants have to travel fairly often on p-day, so that doesn´t mean that something has gone wrong. Elder Candia is a great teacher and will help me to learn a lot, so I´m pretty excited. I have learned the difference between humility and fear of leadership, so this assignment will be a great learning experience.
Love you all and that you may be well.
Elder Belú
One last thing. I´m pretty sure I´m gonna be here for a while, so you can send things if you want. I also have to buy a few things because the norms for APs are a little higher. My old shoes don´t work for conferences.
OK, chao,

Elder Belú

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