Mango Season


Well, it`s p-day again. This week the baptisms didn`t go through. The good news is that we finally reached the goal of new investigatores (and really blew it away. Goal: 10, achievement: 16). We may not baptize much for a few weeks, but we`ve found a few great families and a few new methods of finding that really work. We also worked a lot with inactives. Sometimes the best thing we can do is shut up and just listen to people’s problems.

 I`m sad to hear about Ted Degerstrom’s death. We knew he was sick, but I always hoped he`d keep hanging on. I guess Sis. Degerstrom will be moving again? She needs the Church more than ever.
I hope Chris can earn what he needs. It sounds like a pretty good job and he`ll be a lot better prepared for the new school year with a little put away. I also hope he can focus on the most important things that he has to do. Going to the woods to hunt and getting sidetracked into logging isn`t worth much.
I guess that`s about it, aside from a fun fact. This is mango-season in the Colombian coast. The mango is a lot like the peach, for those who don`t know, and is incredibly cheap. There are about fifty million types and almost all of them are good. The only type that I have seen in the States is the only one without flavor.
Just so`s you know, I am eating fresh fruit and you`re not.
Con amor,
Elder Belù
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