Focused on Finding

Hi, you folks (yolks),

This week was another week with seven days, with dark times (nights) and less dark times (days). We teached a little and walked some. Baptized a little, too (a referral who told us in the frst visit that she wanted to be baptized). We had interview with the President (Gaviria, not Obama).
We`re focused on finding, right now. We`ve got very few investigators and we`ve got to find more.
There really isn`t much changing. I have to either write a huge amount or almost nothing, because it`s my life. Everything is normal, ladies giving us Catholic blessings in the street, teaching people, doing weird things. You ought to search for a talk by Elder Holland in the MTC the 11th of January, 2011. It`s incredible, quoting the last chapter of John and using it to explain about the call (¨When I asked you to leave your nets, it was forever. When I asked you to follow me, it was forever!¨). We watched it it study time yesterday and it animated us a lot.
Anyway, that`s my story and I`m sticking to it. Guardenlo real esta semana.
Con amor,
Elder Belù
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