Elder “Obama” in Cartagena, Colombia

Hi, peoples,

This week was the transfer. My trainee is now in Puerto Colombia, Barranquilla, training. There is a new program, in which the new missionary has a special study hour almost every day for two transfers. Elder Rodriguez is training a new missionary in the second half of the program, He`s going to be in leadership real soon, going like that. Of the last two trainers in that area, one finished the mission there and went home, the other is Assistant now.
I`m training again, too. My companion is from Argentina. He was inactive for years, returned to the church a year ago, baptized his dad a month ago, and is excited to be here, even though he`s from Nuequen, in La Patagonia, and the climate is way different.

The visit of the Presidente of the US is one of the most important things that have ever happened in Cartagena. Several people have called me Obama in the street and one of the members who is returning to the church tells me every time he sees me that Obama is the best president in the world because he`s black. The idea that there`s more to it than skin color hasn`t occurred to him yet. I hadn`t heard about any kind of problem with the summit, but I`m not sure if what you explained about a scandal would be newsworthy, here.

 With Joseph`s ACT, remember that I was sure I had failed horribly both times. Maybe after seeing the results he’ll feel better. Speaking of results, did you say that Chris is already a sophomore? He hasn`t even finished the first semester yet, has he? If he has, how did it go?
Anyway, that`s that. I`m in Cartagena, but far from international summit meetings, and everything continues almost like normal.
Os amo a vosotros,
 Elder Belù
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