Hanging at the Beach

Hi, fambly,

I just wanted to let you all know that I´m not dead, and that I´m writing late with permission. We had a multi-zone p-day with the president and instead of teaching today, we´re having p-day at night. It´s weird, but it´s okay with me. We went to the beach and took pictures. I´ll try to send one, but the computer is slow. I put on sunscreen, by the way. I´m terribly burned, but at least I tried.
I don´t have time to write much, but nothing really happened this week. The whole week of Easter is a celebration here, so it´s harder to find people who want to listen. We set a few appointments for this week, though, with new people who should progress.
I really don´t have much to say. We ate a lot of Colombian candy, which is like a sugary sauce. They do it in the Week Holy, with fruits and vegetables (even potatoes, although I didn´t try that one) but that´s about it.
I hope you all continue well, entonces, and that you may have a good week.
Elder Belú
P.D. That was grammar espanish.
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