General Conference in Colombia

Cordial saludo,

This week went well. My area enchants me. Even though we`re currently a little short on great investigatores, we`re finding a lot of new people (for example, the thirteen-year-old cousin of a couple of members who was in three sessions of the conference wearing a tie, which even the members almost never do).
I don`t remember if I told you all about the activity we had, contacting with a group of young men with a brief message about the Restoration a couple of weeks ago, but we have a few investigators from there, too. Others have stopped investigating for on reason or another (a common reason is having a husband or boyfriend who doesn´t like Mormons). We keep progressing.
The Conference is a whole lot more important for me now than it was, and I always liked it. I noticed that a lot of the messages talked about the men who aren`t really active, who let their wives lead in all spiritual matters. I`ve seen that a lot in Colombia, but also in the States. I`m so glad that I come from a family that follows the guidance in the Proclamation to the World. I appreciate what you`ve all done for me more every time I talk with someone who`s family is scrambled, who`s dad, or mom, or siblings, don`t care about the family or the gospel. I talked with a kid who always accompanied us in Nuevo Bosque in the conference (in the stake center) who is sending out his papers for the mission against his family´s will. It`s tough for him.
Basically, that`s all I`ve got to say. I do have one request. I like to share personal stories, either mine or from family members, to support things we teach.  I`d like some more stories  about the scriptures, or commandments, or whichever principle, to share with investigatores. Sometimes that helps a lot.
Anyway, que sigan bien, and we`ll be communicating soon,
Los love,
Elder Belù
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