In Good Health

I sent Jon a story about someone we know who had to come home from his mission early because of a serious leg injury. I also sent him pictures of our elderly family dog and some bread his youngest brother baked.


An investigator from before we arrived in the area was baptized finally this weekend. There are two more baptisms this weekend, for a couple that we`ve been teaching for about two months (their marriage has been difficult to arrange, but this week should finish it.) Another sister is going to wait a little longer before baptism.

Two sisters from my companion´s ward in Bogotá entered in the sacrament meeting yesterday. They arrived here for vacation and brought a package from his mom. He was incredibly steamed and sent an email to chew out his mom and the whole family (he says he did it with love, but I read the email). Para que sepan, that´s against the rules. He´s a power. A lot of missionaries wouldn´t have worried about the rules.

I`m in good health and don`t think anybody´s gonna freak out and send me to a doctor for seeing my leg. It´s pretty ugly, but in a normal hairy, lumpy, pale kind of way. My health really hasn`t been any kind of problem.

I`m glad to see that the dog Bowser`s okay and the homemade bread looks great. Bread here is good, but different. Will did a great job with that batch.

And that… is the rest of the story.

Elder Belú

P.D. Conferencia General otra vez! What time is the conference over there? They announced it for two hours earlier here than ever.

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