Another Week, Again

I still can`t send photos. I printed a couple without problems, but the computer won`t recognize the camera correctly to send them by internet. My companion still can`t send, either, so I don`t know if you`ll be receiving more pictures. I hope so.

Of course I remember Josh. I thought he lacked more time in the mission, though. I haven`t seen any of his emails in a while, so I lost track. I`m glad he finished good.

It`s a huge strain to serve without family support. When I was LZ, I kept track of the ones who didn`t receive email from their families. Two elders who served together during Christmas weren`t receiving anything up to about a week before the holiday, but I reported the situation to the office and they made contact somehow. Sometimes the secretaries in the office call the families to bawl them out. Josh has guts.

I feel sorry for those who have girlfriends waiting. Latinas wait, but gringas don`t. Ever.

Chris has written to me, a little. It seems that he`s a little busy. He`s not married yet, right?

All of the women want to take that BYU geology course Mom mentioned. I`m not sure why. I had a science TA who was a geology major and got to see a little of the situation from outside. Where does the interest in rocks and evolution come from?

We`re doing really well here. We`ve baptized every weekend for three weeks and we`ve got two baptismal services planned for this week (a couple that`s getting married Friday, and a sister who works every Friday until late but has time Saturday).

We`re finding new people and progressing. The whole last week was focused in finding, but we only found one new investigator until Saturday, when we received a few great referrals. They didn`t count in the numbers for the week still, because we didn`t teach them, but they`re all getting baptized, soon (my faith has grown, too).

Hey, I wiped a picture of our old dog Bowser by accident. Is he still alive?

Anyway, that`s what`s up with me. Que estén bien hasta la próxima semana.


Elder Belú

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