Semana nueva, vida nueva

This week we baptized again. Things are going extremely well in La Victoria. El Presidente Gaviria has started to send out a list of the companionships with the most baptisms every month and my companion and I made the first list of nine companionships, with four baptisms in February. The ward has been great here with referrals and the people are fulfilling commitments. It`s not easy, but things are going great. We are hoping to have at least one baptism every week this month, although we might put one off so a whole family can be baptized at once.

It`s great that you`re “enjoying” the weather and tornadoes at home, but I think it`d be better if it was a little calmer. You might try hurricanes for a few months for variety. It also might be a good a idea to finish up the storm cellar.

This past week we had the transfer, but I`m still in the same area with the same companion. I`ll probably be here for a lot longer, since I`ve always stayed in every area for a long time. I hope so, anyway. Elder Maclelland finished the mission and Elder Brown arrived in his place. It`s a little strange here, but there`s almost always a gringo around me. It`s okay by me, since his falls well with me.

I don`t know what else to say. We went to the touristy part of Cartagena last week with Elder Maclelland. He bought touristy crud and then we found out that it`s not worth what he paid. I think I`ll want to buy a few things when I leave, too, but not for a while. They have cool hammocks here.

Anyway, that`s my story and I`m sticking to it.

Nos escribiremos lueguito, pues,

chao, E

Elder Belù

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