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My Bed is Comfortable

Deer people,

Another week has gone by. Two investigators who have been trying to overcome a lot of obstacles finally were able to do so this week. They were baptized Friday, partied until midnight in the church building (celebrating the marriage) and were confirmed yesterday.

We had a goal of six baptisms this month and had five. I`m okay with that.

We`re excited for General Conference and trying to find more people to baptize. We`ve lost a lot of investigators in water in the last few weeks.

We started sending the clothes to a member to wash this week, so there`s not as much to do on p-day.

Tell Beth that Colombia is very comfortable sometimes, and sometimes not so much. The part where my bed stays is quite comfortable in the morning.

I really don`t have a lot to say. We finded this week a bunch and teached some. Some of the people who listened were weird, some not so much. I like the weird ones better, I think.

Os amo a todos, y que estéis bien,

Elder Belù


Photos at Last!!!

My companion fixed my camera, so you can have pictures again. Lavadora and a few baptisms here in La Victoria.


A Colombian washing machine

In Good Health

I sent Jon a story about someone we know who had to come home from his mission early because of a serious leg injury. I also sent him pictures of our elderly family dog and some bread his youngest brother baked.


An investigator from before we arrived in the area was baptized finally this weekend. There are two more baptisms this weekend, for a couple that we`ve been teaching for about two months (their marriage has been difficult to arrange, but this week should finish it.) Another sister is going to wait a little longer before baptism.

Two sisters from my companion´s ward in Bogotá entered in the sacrament meeting yesterday. They arrived here for vacation and brought a package from his mom. He was incredibly steamed and sent an email to chew out his mom and the whole family (he says he did it with love, but I read the email). Para que sepan, that´s against the rules. He´s a power. A lot of missionaries wouldn´t have worried about the rules.

I`m in good health and don`t think anybody´s gonna freak out and send me to a doctor for seeing my leg. It´s pretty ugly, but in a normal hairy, lumpy, pale kind of way. My health really hasn`t been any kind of problem.

I`m glad to see that the dog Bowser`s okay and the homemade bread looks great. Bread here is good, but different. Will did a great job with that batch.

And that… is the rest of the story.

Elder Belú

P.D. Conferencia General otra vez! What time is the conference over there? They announced it for two hours earlier here than ever.

Another Week, Again

I still can`t send photos. I printed a couple without problems, but the computer won`t recognize the camera correctly to send them by internet. My companion still can`t send, either, so I don`t know if you`ll be receiving more pictures. I hope so.

Of course I remember Josh. I thought he lacked more time in the mission, though. I haven`t seen any of his emails in a while, so I lost track. I`m glad he finished good.

It`s a huge strain to serve without family support. When I was LZ, I kept track of the ones who didn`t receive email from their families. Two elders who served together during Christmas weren`t receiving anything up to about a week before the holiday, but I reported the situation to the office and they made contact somehow. Sometimes the secretaries in the office call the families to bawl them out. Josh has guts.

I feel sorry for those who have girlfriends waiting. Latinas wait, but gringas don`t. Ever.

Chris has written to me, a little. It seems that he`s a little busy. He`s not married yet, right?

All of the women want to take that BYU geology course Mom mentioned. I`m not sure why. I had a science TA who was a geology major and got to see a little of the situation from outside. Where does the interest in rocks and evolution come from?

We`re doing really well here. We`ve baptized every weekend for three weeks and we`ve got two baptismal services planned for this week (a couple that`s getting married Friday, and a sister who works every Friday until late but has time Saturday).

We`re finding new people and progressing. The whole last week was focused in finding, but we only found one new investigator until Saturday, when we received a few great referrals. They didn`t count in the numbers for the week still, because we didn`t teach them, but they`re all getting baptized, soon (my faith has grown, too).

Hey, I wiped a picture of our old dog Bowser by accident. Is he still alive?

Anyway, that`s what`s up with me. Que estén bien hasta la próxima semana.


Elder Belú

Semana nueva, vida nueva

This week we baptized again. Things are going extremely well in La Victoria. El Presidente Gaviria has started to send out a list of the companionships with the most baptisms every month and my companion and I made the first list of nine companionships, with four baptisms in February. The ward has been great here with referrals and the people are fulfilling commitments. It`s not easy, but things are going great. We are hoping to have at least one baptism every week this month, although we might put one off so a whole family can be baptized at once.

It`s great that you`re “enjoying” the weather and tornadoes at home, but I think it`d be better if it was a little calmer. You might try hurricanes for a few months for variety. It also might be a good a idea to finish up the storm cellar.

This past week we had the transfer, but I`m still in the same area with the same companion. I`ll probably be here for a lot longer, since I`ve always stayed in every area for a long time. I hope so, anyway. Elder Maclelland finished the mission and Elder Brown arrived in his place. It`s a little strange here, but there`s almost always a gringo around me. It`s okay by me, since his falls well with me.

I don`t know what else to say. We went to the touristy part of Cartagena last week with Elder Maclelland. He bought touristy crud and then we found out that it`s not worth what he paid. I think I`ll want to buy a few things when I leave, too, but not for a while. They have cool hammocks here.

Anyway, that`s my story and I`m sticking to it.

Nos escribiremos lueguito, pues,

chao, E

Elder Belù