Best Baptismal Service I’ve Seen

I don´t have much time to write today because my companion wants to go sightseeing. We haven´t done anything like that this transfer, so I guess we´ll do so. He´s doing great and we´re both pumped from the best baptismal service I´ve seen in the mission, with about a hundred people (from two wards) in attendance. Only three of the five people we had planned for this week were baptized, but we re-scheduled for this Saturday and we ought to have four baptisms this week. We´re hoping for about ten this month.

To answer your questions, there are almost always four missionaries in every apartment here. The areas are smaller and the budget, too. The current house is tiny, but I´m okay with that. It would just be nice to have two showers. I´ve lived in houses with up to six missionaries, but never less than four. Sometimes for a couple of days in the house in Barranquilla there were ten at a time.

I didn´t exactly forget your birthday, Mom, but I didn´t exactly remember, either. I though about it, in other words, but never while writing. I bought you an elephant and sent it by groundhog post, but I´m not sure when it´ll get there.

The water here isn´t too bad. The rule is never drink it, but the people we visit, especially members, often lie and say it´s filtered or boiled. I drink filtered water in the house always for obedience, but I doubt the tap water would do me harm now. I use it to brush my teeth.

My comp received a box from home with a cable for his camera, so I´ll send fotos from it soon, but his battery just died, so it won´t be today. Thanks for the ones you sent. Beth really has grown a lot, Will, too. Dad, maybe a little.

Anyway, I´ll write more soon. In about a week.


Elder Belú

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