An Exciting Week This Time

Well, this week was different.

I had a cold and low energy levels Tuesday and then Wednesday, in the morning during language study, I felt a little worse. Then I felt a lot worse. Then I passed out, scaring the daylights out of everyone in the house. I have had a bad habit of passing out when sick since I was about fifteen and it seems that the habit continues. They say it was quite a sight.

I stayed in the house all day long, with Elder Maclelland. My companion and his went out to work both areas at the same time (both of them are named Elder Rodriguez, which made it even better). We stayed in the house, watching church videos, until the early afternoon, when I fell asleep until about ten.I recovered fast, was able to leave and work Thursday, throttled down low, and now am almost normal, with just a little less energy than before.

We have five baptisms scheduled for this weekend, which helps quite a bit with the energy deal. We have to find a way to pull both records from far-away places, scare up two hundred thousand pesos, and send two of these people to Barranquilla to get married (it`s easier there because the notary knows us), but plans are in place. It`s looking good. I`ve never had five baptisms in one day, and it looks like this time, we will. It also looks like there is a zone conference the day of the baptisms, so it`ll be even more interesting, but whatever. We`ll do it somehow.

In related news, the new mission Colombia Medellin was announced this week. Now there will be five missions in the country. We`re winning.

Remind Dad that I got to know Zippy the Wonderlizard when Dad was stripping paint with the little heat gun. Maybe the big paint gun is better, to work from farther back. Good luck with preparing the house to paint. It`s always fun to do little detail jobs with big tools.

Anyway, that`s my story and I`m sticking to it. Hope things siguen yendo bien allà,

Elder Belù

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