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Best Baptismal Service I’ve Seen

I don´t have much time to write today because my companion wants to go sightseeing. We haven´t done anything like that this transfer, so I guess we´ll do so. He´s doing great and we´re both pumped from the best baptismal service I´ve seen in the mission, with about a hundred people (from two wards) in attendance. Only three of the five people we had planned for this week were baptized, but we re-scheduled for this Saturday and we ought to have four baptisms this week. We´re hoping for about ten this month.

To answer your questions, there are almost always four missionaries in every apartment here. The areas are smaller and the budget, too. The current house is tiny, but I´m okay with that. It would just be nice to have two showers. I´ve lived in houses with up to six missionaries, but never less than four. Sometimes for a couple of days in the house in Barranquilla there were ten at a time.

I didn´t exactly forget your birthday, Mom, but I didn´t exactly remember, either. I though about it, in other words, but never while writing. I bought you an elephant and sent it by groundhog post, but I´m not sure when it´ll get there.

The water here isn´t too bad. The rule is never drink it, but the people we visit, especially members, often lie and say it´s filtered or boiled. I drink filtered water in the house always for obedience, but I doubt the tap water would do me harm now. I use it to brush my teeth.

My comp received a box from home with a cable for his camera, so I´ll send fotos from it soon, but his battery just died, so it won´t be today. Thanks for the ones you sent. Beth really has grown a lot, Will, too. Dad, maybe a little.

Anyway, I´ll write more soon. In about a week.


Elder Belú


An Exciting Week This Time

Well, this week was different.

I had a cold and low energy levels Tuesday and then Wednesday, in the morning during language study, I felt a little worse. Then I felt a lot worse. Then I passed out, scaring the daylights out of everyone in the house. I have had a bad habit of passing out when sick since I was about fifteen and it seems that the habit continues. They say it was quite a sight.

I stayed in the house all day long, with Elder Maclelland. My companion and his went out to work both areas at the same time (both of them are named Elder Rodriguez, which made it even better). We stayed in the house, watching church videos, until the early afternoon, when I fell asleep until about ten.I recovered fast, was able to leave and work Thursday, throttled down low, and now am almost normal, with just a little less energy than before.

We have five baptisms scheduled for this weekend, which helps quite a bit with the energy deal. We have to find a way to pull both records from far-away places, scare up two hundred thousand pesos, and send two of these people to Barranquilla to get married (it`s easier there because the notary knows us), but plans are in place. It`s looking good. I`ve never had five baptisms in one day, and it looks like this time, we will. It also looks like there is a zone conference the day of the baptisms, so it`ll be even more interesting, but whatever. We`ll do it somehow.

In related news, the new mission Colombia Medellin was announced this week. Now there will be five missions in the country. We`re winning.

Remind Dad that I got to know Zippy the Wonderlizard when Dad was stripping paint with the little heat gun. Maybe the big paint gun is better, to work from farther back. Good luck with preparing the house to paint. It`s always fun to do little detail jobs with big tools.

Anyway, that`s my story and I`m sticking to it. Hope things siguen yendo bien allà,

Elder Belù

Extremadamente Stoked

We sent Elder Belyeu pictures of some friends rappelling last week, hence the references to flying and climbing buildings.

Halo, Familia,

Well, another week has passed. This week, one of the people we met on the first day here in the area was baptized. The ward is excited, and the referrals are pouring in. Nine investigatores and three less-actives attended church yesterday, and all of the investigatores are progressing, unlike what sometimes happens when people attend church just because they don`t have anything better to do, but without any desire to progress. We have nine investigatores with baptismal goals and all of them attended, several have goals for this month, and I feel like this is going to be the most successful period in my mission.

I think I like training, since my companion is a power and has more fully kept himself unspotted from the world (he was astonished when I told him that I took off my tie every Sunday after church before the mission).

I feel like I`m testifying with more power than before in the mission and I`ve never received fifteen referrals in a week before (which is what happened this week). There`s room for improvement still, since we need to find new people (it`s been complicated to find the referrals and we`re focusing in the needs of the investigators more than we should), but I`m rey animado, y extremadamente stoked.

I`m not district leader anymore. Apparently that part was a filing error in the office or something. They called to tell me on Saturday that I was never supposed to be LD and one of the other elders in the district is doing that part now. I just hope they let me alone to work. I was enjoying LD, but just because I hated district meetings before and for a little while I could control them. Now I`ll have more time on my hands. I plan on writing in my journal more, keeping up-to-date with the area book, and baptizing a bunch. We`ll see what happens with that plan.

I`ll keep trying to send pictures, but I haven`t had success. I just don`t have time to fight with the camera. If pictures arrive, they arrive. If not, It`s not my fault.

I guess that`s all. I`m pleased to see also that Cassie can fly and hope you can all climb tall buildings more. I enjoy it, as well, but it`s not allowed much, here. Maybe later.

Anyway, os amo,

Elder Belù

Things are normal

I´m glad to hear that the winter wasn´t too bad this time. Here it wasn´t very cold either. We haven´t had many days below freezing since Christmas.

I tried to send pictures, but my camera is giving me trouble. I´m not sure what´s wrong, since it work fine to take pictures, but it doesn`t work to pull them off. We´ll see if we can get it straightened out.
I don`t have a whole lot to say, I guess. Things are going normal. A box of pamphlets arrived this week, which gives us much joy, but maybe isn´t so exiting for all of you.
I guess that´s that.
Elder Belú