Papaya and Excuses

This week first. We had interviews with the president yesterday and he congratulated us on the work. I have wondered a few times if he was really happy with my efforts or not, while I was ZL in Paraiso, but I think it`s okay. I explained my plan for the ward where we are now and he said it sounds good. My comp`s interview lasted about ten minutes, which shows a huge lack of sins to confess. He`s awesome. I keep thinking ¨this time I`m gonna have a bad comp,¨ but it still hasn`t happened. In the whole mission.

This week was a little hard, because a lot of the best people we find aren`t married when they should be and everybody works on Sunday, but we`re pretty pleased with how it turned out. The zone leader who verified the district talked to me a while about being a good example in my own area. He`s got great standards, so we`re gonna raise the bar. We won the competition of referrals contacted during the week, though. Hah.

I ate a whole papaya last week, telling the other missionaries that a papaya doesn`t do me any harm anymore after eating a lot in Barranquilla. Just so`s you know, a whole papaya is like eating, for example, a whole lot of blueberries. If you`re prepared, nothing happens. If not, it`s a good idea to have lot`s of tissue paper in the house. I was about halfway prepared and learned a little humility. Today I bought two more papayas. I`m more prepared now, right?

My companion tried a dish from the cost that doesn`t exist in Bogotà, called Mondongo. From the name, I imagine that you know it`s not normal Alabama food. It`s boiled cow stomach and the first time I ate it, it was weird. Now I like it, though, and he doesn`t. He almost couldn`t finish his bowl of soup, pobrecito.

Nobody here talks much about the US election. I heard that a Mormon was running for president from Grandpa first, and then from somebody we taught. Somebody else asked my what I think of Obama, but it`s not a big deal, here. The immigration issue only came up once, with a drunk who lived in the States for a while. He knows words in English I had`nt heard in a long time and isn`t too fond of Alabama, but he was drunk, so we left.

Anyway, that`s the week. Now, an excuse. I haven`t sent the photos of the washer because the computer I always used to sent pictures wouldn`t recognize my camera in Barranquilla. I haven`t tried here, but I forgot my camera, so I still can`t today.Maybe next week.

Sent wishes of good luck to Cliff, and I love everybody,


Elder Belù

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