Sleeping on the floor in Cartagena, Colombia

This week something happened here, so I`ve got stuff to say. I`m not in Paraiso anymore. I got transferred out to La Victoria, Cartagena, estaca Los Alpes. I was in Los Alpes before, in Nuevo Bosque, which actually touches my new area, so I know the area. It was the area with sister missionaries, but they were pulled out when I left Cartagena the first time, six months ago. The area`s been closed since then and the ward is really excited to have missionaries again. The mission leader is great and all of the members are supporting us. We`ve already been able to find a few new investigatores and we have a few baptisms on date for next month. I feel re-energized and ready to work again, after six months in the richest area in the mission.

Obviously, I`ve changed assignments as well. I`m not a zone leader now. I`m district leader, of a six-elder district, and I`ll finally be able to test the stuff I told the DLs in Barranquilla. I also have a new companion, Elder Rodriguez, from Bogotà. He´s fairly new in the mission (he has almost a week in the mission). And yes, I am training.
Three things I`ve never done before at once, be DL, open an area, and train. I was really nervous at first, but Elder Rodriguez is great. His dad is a bishop in Bogotà and it seems to me that he not only understands the missionary purpose but also the doctrine and he`s ready to work hard. He´s also really smart and has already learned the area pretty well. I learn slow and it´s tough to find anything, He is directing the work in the area already. It´s gonna look good because everybody will think that I trained really well, even though it`s just ´cause he`s a power.
The new house is pretty good. It was the house the sisters used before, so it`s well looked-after, although they left a bunch of stuff for cooking that I threw away (weird spices from six months ago). It`s pretty small and we´re sleeping on mattresses on the floor (there are two other elders here who work another area and live in the house, so there ain`t much space), but I`ve done that before and it`s pretty comfortable. The only problem is that we haven`t been able to find a guy with a washing machine to rent us, so we`re washing by hand. It works, though.
I hope you all survive the “drought.” It looks pretty rough, out there. Take care of yourselves and I`ll write in a week,
Elder Belù
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