Thinking of Home

Well, another week has come and gone. We decided this week that if the main investigator we`ve got didn`t come to church this week, we`d stop visiting. However, he made the commitment and showed up, early, without problems. He`s progressing.

We had the missionary correlation meeting for the first time in more than a month. With the holidays, it´s been tough to do much with the members, especially since the bishop was visiting family in Medellin and wasn`t here to organize things, but now the ball`s rolling again.

I remember one Sunday with more than fifty people in church in Alabama in my life, and that time was branch conference with about twelve people from the stake. People have been saying for years that there would be a ward there and I never believed it. Now I`m starting to believe it.

I don`t remember if I told you that one of my companions had the same experience. He`s from a little branch like ours and when I was with him, about eighty people were attending every week and the missionaries were baptizing every weekend. Para que sepan, he`s about six months older than me in the mission.

It`s still a little branch at home, though. Normally, one family moving doesn`t mean that the whole unit get`s reorganized. Maybe that`s going to change, though. I still think of Cody being a recent convert, and it looks like he`s carrying the branch on his back right now. True converts are like that.

Don`t feel bad that you`ve caused problems for Jason and Catherine. Jason had already sparted to Stoonerize when I arrived in Provo, I just uplifted and supported him. Catherine should have killed me when she had the chance. Now it`s too late. I now have two languages to use, by the way. It`s way better now.

Thanks for telling me that I`m a mutant. I never knew that before. I just wanna know why it`s not like the mutants in X-Men. I can`t do anything cool, I just look funny and burn in direct sunlight (although not so much anymore).

Last night, during daily planning, three ex-investigators (who stopped attending church after a while teaching them) arrived at our door.

Send condolences to the Nunnellys about the fire. They`ve been through a lot and this is just another trial. I hope things improve soon. Are they thinking of rebuilding or moving?

Anyway, that`s my week and my take on things.

Amo a todos,

Elder Belù

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