Rubber Band Guns for Christmas

Another week has come and gone. We had zone leader council this week and leadership training. The president and the assistants were apparently working with the goal of motivating us, and I feel a little more motivated, although not as much as my companion. He`s great and really dedicated. Three of my ex-companions were there as leaders, although one of them finishes the mission in two weeks. If a little Ecuadorian called Alvarado tries to add me on Facebook in a couple of weeks, let him.

We`ve finally found some things that work in the zone. We went from three investigators progressing towards their baptism (that`s an official term, Investigadores Progresando) in the whole zone to 14 in just a week, and from 11 whole attended church to 40. If we keep going like that, we`ll baptize all month in February.
In other news, a member who was baptized while I was with Elder Alvarado attended church for the first time in a month and seems dedicated to the goal of coming back for good.My companion also finally received his Christmas box from his dad, who said during the call that he had tested the product before shipping it. That reminded me of Dad, who always tests toys before giving them to us, but I expected some kind of food, anyway. Turns out that he`s more like Dad than I`d thought. He sent rubber band guns and the zone leaders who stayed in our house fought with them at night after the training with the president. It`s nice to know that the mission is in mature hands. I had to threaten to call the assistants to get them to stop. Then when they all left, we cleaned the house and fought with rubber band guns without them. Hypocrisy is fun.

Thanks for the song lyrics. If you can find them in Spanish, too, it`d be great, but if not, it`s okay. I can at least sing it in English.
Today we lost a lot of time because we had to open the chapel for a kid`s baptism (a member kid) for a branch that`s pretty far out.  We had to stick around because the member who lent us the keys doesn`t trust anybody else with them but us. We did some light shopping while we waited, though.
It`s a shame that Jason and Catherine are moving, but Auburn`s better for a family. They’ll have a little more support. I take it that this means the job didn`t pan out too well, though. Que triste.
Anyway, that`s the weekly report. Escribiremos lueguito.
Elder Belù
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