Christmas Package!

Well, another week has gone by. It´s not much different. We´re mainly working on finding investigators right now, contacting a lot, setting up activities in church, inviting people to invite other people to listen. We´re progressing.

I received the Christmas package from home this week. One of the secretaries is now pestering me for skittles. I think I´ll tell him that it´s a box of arch supports and marbles.

The photos, by the way, are great. I don´t know how long you were putting that together, but I´ll fairly sure some of them were from August. Que poder. ¿Me amas más que esto? Ya sé que si.

I guess I don´t have much to say today. We´ll talk soon. I think Monday is perfect, at about eleven, Colombia time. You people with internet have to decide what time that means in Alabama. I think there´s an hour difference.

Anyway, enjoy Christmas and don´t worry about me. All of the members want to wine (o sea, jugo de Maracuyá), and dine us the whole week. I think we´re gonna buy pizza and a huge box of ice cream for Christmas dinner, since there are four of us in the apartment.

I´ll talk with you all soon, then,

Elder Belú

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