I have even less time to write than normal. My companion believed the rumors that say that he´s going to train this transfer and wanted to buy Yerba Mate, which is Argentinian and tough to find outside of Barranquilla in Colombia. I may stay in my area six months, which is rare in this mission.

We had another baptism this weekend. The investigator, Jesus, asked me to perform the ordinance. It´s only the second time I´ve done that in the mission, and I almost fell over in the font, but I felt better when he shared his testimony in Sacrament meeting yesterday. I think he´s going to be firm.

Two members of a family I was teaching a month or so ago walked into the Sacrament meeting without warning. I had been thinking how much I missed having them there when they walked in, and thought, ¨They´re the kind of people who will just walk in someday and surprise some poor missionary.¨ It wasn´t a bad surprise, though. We have an appointment with that family tonight.

Elder Maughan, who was my district leader in the MTC and was in the district here in Barranquilla training for two transfers, is now one of the assistants. He has never been a DL in the field, or a ZL, but I guess he can manage it.

I´ll try to send pictures of the baptism next week. Right now I have to go save some souls.


Elder Belú

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