Colombia/Argentina Game

Hi, peoples of the earth,
Well, another week has passed. Nothing much happened, at least on a big-picture scale. I worked with one of the assistants for the first time in my life, but now it just isn´t that big a deal. It was a little funny, though, because it rained all day that day. Assistants get wet just like any other missionary.
My companion is from Argentina and this week is the Colombia/Argentina football game. I hope that doesn´t cause bloodshed. There are two Argentinos in the apartment and they support each other mutually in their madness.
I guess that´s really it. I´m glad to hear that good things are happening at home. Chris will be living in a good location in BYU. Not always so great for finding a wife, maybe, but Jason did pretty good there and so did a few others I know.
It might be good to send another set of these arch supports that I´m using in my shoes. The ones I have are going good, but they´re starting to show wear, and we´ve got more than another year to go. I don´t know how you are on space to send, though. Peanut butter´s a little pricey here, but not that bad, about four dollars a jar. A lot better than sending it for $45.
Anyway, love you all and stuff,
Elder Belú
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