Christmas Box?

Buenas, amigos y familiares,

Okay, firstly, answers to your questions/comments: I can´t forward an email to Elder Davidson because in this mission we can´t even write to other missionaries, but I can ask him and find out about his family. Things are going good for Elder Davidson, had a baptism already.

Chris needs to take biology from Doctor Riley Nelson, the best professor I had in BYU. Tell him you´re from Alabama and he´ll love you. He might even remember the redheaded Alabamian, because I talked a lot in that class.

I´m glad to hear that Dad´s going strong, too. The position as TA sounds like great experience as well. I´ve learned that teaching something is a good way to learn it.

With the Christmas box, I´m really not sure. I always want more peanut butter. I never have time to cook much, so taco seasoning wouldn´t be as useful. extract of root beer, maybe, although you ought to ask Chris how that turned out. Some more socks, maybe, although I can buy socks here (they´re a little more expensive than in the states, I think, but I´m not sure). Candy, although no chocolate. Whatever, I´ll be happy and excited anyway.

Search more for the martial arts class. I thinks it´s in exercise science (EXE 110).

They´re baptizing every weekend in my comp´s branch. How´s that going in Alabama?

The work has been going a little slowly here for a little while, but Elder Zurita has a lot of good ideas to implement. It´s not that we don´t have investigators, it´s just that they want to wait three years before baptism. It´s annoying, but manageable.

And that´s my life until now. Next week I think I´ll write to tell you that my ex-comp is the assistant, but I´m not sure yet.

Okay, bye,

Elder Belú

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  • Lea Bailes  On January 10, 2012 at 11:10 am

    Really appreciate you sharing this article. Will read on…

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