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Washing clothes in Barranquilla

Hi, peoples,

Well, things keep going. The baptism for this week went through almost without problems and we received an incredible referral who´s going to be baptized this Saturday. We´ve had a dry spell, but now we´re dealing with a lot more water. We´re planning a ¨White Night¨ for this Saturday, with baptisms from a few companionships that don´t have baptismal fonts. We´re hoping for either seven or ten baptisms this Saturday, all from companionships in the district.
Today was great. We found a new guy to bring washing machines, and the washing machines he brought were a whole lot better. We didn´t have a single errand to run, so we had time to wash the clothes, defrost the fridge, and cut hair (which I did for me and Elder Zurita with the little clipper I brought from the states), and the eat Chinese food (which here is just rice with chicken, but it´s pretty good).

Is Chris watching movies in Russian? It´s one of my favorite ideas for keeping my language after the mission.

Anyway, I find that there´s really now much to say. Entonces, Chau.
Elder Belú

P-day at the ER

Well, today my companion was rude enough to smash his finger in the door, so we went to the ER to get a tetanus shot. After a quick look, the nurses put him on standby and we were there until after four in the afternoon. Add another hour of travel time and remember that p-day ends at six, an there goes the day. I guess everything´s okay, though, as long as you don´t want me to write much.

The week´s been good. We had the baptismal interview for an investigator who is ready to be baptized, this coming Saturday. A friend of a member who just arrived at church without help twice (we tried to find him and set an appointment, but he got away) came up to us and asked what he needed to do to be baptized. I´m good with that.

What´s Chris doing to keep up with his Russian? If I get back and he can´t speak it, I´m gonna be ticked.

With Sis. Foshee passing on, I guess it´s better for her and the family. At least now she can be with Rich and not have to worry.

If you received a Facebook request from a kid called Alfonzo, accept it. He´s an investigator. And I guess that´s that. I´ll try to write more soon.

I think my time as ZL is ending, but we´ll see.

Anyway, bye.  I´ll go preach a little.


Elder Belú

Colombia/Argentina Game

Hi, peoples of the earth,
Well, another week has passed. Nothing much happened, at least on a big-picture scale. I worked with one of the assistants for the first time in my life, but now it just isn´t that big a deal. It was a little funny, though, because it rained all day that day. Assistants get wet just like any other missionary.
My companion is from Argentina and this week is the Colombia/Argentina football game. I hope that doesn´t cause bloodshed. There are two Argentinos in the apartment and they support each other mutually in their madness.
I guess that´s really it. I´m glad to hear that good things are happening at home. Chris will be living in a good location in BYU. Not always so great for finding a wife, maybe, but Jason did pretty good there and so did a few others I know.
It might be good to send another set of these arch supports that I´m using in my shoes. The ones I have are going good, but they´re starting to show wear, and we´ve got more than another year to go. I don´t know how you are on space to send, though. Peanut butter´s a little pricey here, but not that bad, about four dollars a jar. A lot better than sending it for $45.
Anyway, love you all and stuff,
Elder Belú

Christmas Box?

Buenas, amigos y familiares,

Okay, firstly, answers to your questions/comments: I can´t forward an email to Elder Davidson because in this mission we can´t even write to other missionaries, but I can ask him and find out about his family. Things are going good for Elder Davidson, had a baptism already.

Chris needs to take biology from Doctor Riley Nelson, the best professor I had in BYU. Tell him you´re from Alabama and he´ll love you. He might even remember the redheaded Alabamian, because I talked a lot in that class.

I´m glad to hear that Dad´s going strong, too. The position as TA sounds like great experience as well. I´ve learned that teaching something is a good way to learn it.

With the Christmas box, I´m really not sure. I always want more peanut butter. I never have time to cook much, so taco seasoning wouldn´t be as useful. extract of root beer, maybe, although you ought to ask Chris how that turned out. Some more socks, maybe, although I can buy socks here (they´re a little more expensive than in the states, I think, but I´m not sure). Candy, although no chocolate. Whatever, I´ll be happy and excited anyway.

Search more for the martial arts class. I thinks it´s in exercise science (EXE 110).

They´re baptizing every weekend in my comp´s branch. How´s that going in Alabama?

The work has been going a little slowly here for a little while, but Elder Zurita has a lot of good ideas to implement. It´s not that we don´t have investigators, it´s just that they want to wait three years before baptism. It´s annoying, but manageable.

And that´s my life until now. Next week I think I´ll write to tell you that my ex-comp is the assistant, but I´m not sure yet.

Okay, bye,

Elder Belú