Same Zone, New Companion

Hi, famibly,

Please pass on congratulations to Cliff. I didn´t see anything that refers to the language, but I´m assuming that he´ll speak Ukrainian. After the mission, he´ll be able to do anything he wants to with languages. After learning that one, I’m sure others are easy. Chris knows, I guess.

I´m with a new companion, Elder Zurita from Argentina. It´s the first time I´ve repeated a Latin country, my other Latin companions have all been from different countries. He`s a zone leader from the most successful zone in the mission, maybe here to improve our work a little. A lot of the missionaries in this zone are a little depressed because the zone is rich and famous for not baptizing, although in my experience it´s just another kind of work that we need to do here with members instead of just knocking doors. A few companionships are showing that there is success to be had here, we just need to convince the rest of them.

Elder Zurita is from a branch like ours, and like ours it´s becoming very successful during his mission. His is a little more advanced, with baptisms every week now, but we´re just starting. Help the missionaries. They need it.

With the question from the blog, firstly, I think I know the son who just got here. It might very well be Elder Davidson, who is here my zone. His companion is an incredible missionary and they´re in a great ward. They don´t have air-conditioning and never will in the mission. The assistants don´t have it, except when they´re actually in the office. We adjust fast, though. I´m really cold when the temperature drops into what I think are the seventies.

There aren´t many gringos in the mission, but there are a few. In the zone, there are twenty-one missionaries and six are from the states. That´s pretty weird, here, with so many. I´ve been one of two in almost every zone where I´ve worked.

Anyway, I´m okay and things are going smooth. Y ya.

Elder Belú

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