Getting Around in Colombia

Hi, peebles,

To avoid future complaints, let´s deal with questions first. The wood chisels William wants to try are in the plastic crate in my room; feel free to use whichever. The best wood to make a bowl out of would be hickory, but it´s as hard as steel and thus a little difficult to work. Oak is okay, too. Pine would make a bowl with an interesting taste. That´s just a thought, though.

In this mission, there are no bikes, by official order. They´re specifically and repeatedly forbidden, because bikes here are dangerous and would all be stolen. We use those things on the ends of our legs to get around. Oh, and buses and taxis. But more than anything, feet. I can walk fast all day long now and not be especially tired getting home. I don´t sunburn now, either.

You said that Dad´s at the top of all his classes. Does that mean that he´s on top of things, or that he´s student number one in all his classes?

This time I have very little time to write again (we went shopping and bought more granola, though, so I´m happy).

This week has been basically normal. We had exchanges with the secretaries in the offices (one of them is a DL in the zone) to verify the situation with a family of investigators and the cleanliness in the house where all the secretaries live. The problem is that the house where the secretaries live is also the house where the assistants live, and the house wasn´t clean. I had to lovingly invite them to improve, a dangerous thing to do, although the assistants are such exemplary missionaries that they haven´t been any kind of problem. But still stressful for a child such as I.

Anyway, thus goeth the mission, and les escibo en una semana. Buena suerte entendiendo.

Elder Belù

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