Hi, peoples,

Well, this week was strange. We had leadership counsel and training this week without warning (without much, anyway). We have had to do a lot of reports this week, too, so we only worked in the area a little bit (less than twenty hours, the goal is forty). We´re exited, though, with the announcement of a new temple here in Barranquilla. We´re expecting a lot of support from the members.

Elder Jenson, my companion in Cartagena, worked with us this weekend. He was in exchanges with the assistants (he´s a zone leader right now) and some kind of emergency happened, so the assistants called us and left him with us.

I always thought I would know what´s going on, as a ZL, but it´s not true. I just know that he was here and now he´s somewhere else.

As a zone leader, I´m finding less and less to write. We´re always doing things in meetings and training, and then more meetings. We met with the stake leaders for the first time yesterday and did some planning for the zone, to work more with the stake, but maybe your interest level in whether the yearly baptismal goal for the stake is 22 or 33 isn´t very high. It´s a learning experience.

We do keep working, though. One of the best investigator families we have is breaking up (the daughter is on a cruise, the older son moved to study), but we found a new family last night, with Elder Jenson, and have commitments with members to pass references along. The area is progressing pretty well.

Maybe I won´t email in Spanish. Nobody wants me to. Then again, maybe I will.

Anyway, that´s what´s going on. I was going to respond more specifically, but I didn´t bring my notes from the copy of your letters that I printed, so I guess not.

Well, that´s my weekly report.

Read the scripture.

Elder Belú

For those of you who don’t recognize it, the scripture he’s referring to starts out: “My beloved son, I write unto you again that ye may know that I am yet alive …”

Sheralyn Belyeu

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