Temple Announced for Barranquilla, Colombia


This week a few things have happened. The new district leader in my district is a gringo, with a lot of time in the mission, the oldest group of gringos that we have in the coast. It´s weird having a gringo in the house, especially one who is Colombian, now.
There´s one area in the coast where gringos haven´t been able to go for a while, because it was dangerous. Now it´s completely open again, with whichever missionary.
And the temple. I haven´t been in the mission for very long, but like all the others I’ve worked, taught, and prayed to have a temple here.
It´ll be in the area where I´m working now, although I doubt it´ll be finished for years (3 to 5, is the hope). I´ll just have to come back. My comp cried, I cried, I think everybody cried. Several people cheered in conference.
Regarding the retention of converts, it´s not perfect, but it´s improving. I´ve met several people who were baptised fifteen or twenty years ago and haven´t been to church in fourteen or nineteen years, but there are more requirements for baptism now (minimum number of attendances at church, for example).
I don´t have much time to write. We spent a huge amount of time today working on a report for the stake. We have to improve in work with the members.
It´s getting harder and harder to write in English. I think I´ll start writing you all in Spanish, solo porque ajuh (como dicen los costeños).
Well, that´s all I can think of. I love you all and hope all is well.
Elder Belú
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