Keeping House and Goals


Hi, family,

The plans we made for the zone conference went well and the baptism went through without problems (I´ll try to send pictures). On the other hand, the president showed up at our door at ten at night to inspect the cleanliness of the house. The landlord complained that we´re not taking good care of the house, and it´s true. Missionaries sleep in our house when they´re finishing the mission and frequently they, and the missionaries who are being transferred out, leave their trash. The house was a wreck. The president had us wait while he inspected, and then had a little chat with us all. His wife was there, too, and helped with the skinning.

So we cleaned today. I´d be happy cleaning every p-day, but it´s pretty unpopular. If we wash the clothes we´re doing good, normally.

Elder Bean, my first companion, is training a new missionary now. We´re not new anymore, I guess. One of the assistants is finishing the mission in another transfer and left the mission office to really work his last month. The new one is a gringo that I know from my time in Cartagena. He was only a zone leader for one transfer and hasn´t been in the mission for much time (more than me, but I think he´s about at the 1 year mark).

I feel for Joseph on his Eagle project. I know how he feels, with all the problems with the project of Águila. Perseverance is the key. The experience of completing an Eagle project applies well to the later things in life. My zone is frustrating sometimes, with so many missionaries who don´t fulfill their assignments. There isn´t much disobedience, but we´re not reaching goals.

Anyway, we´re progressing okay. We have a lot of new investigators and new plans for the zone. We´ll see what happens this transfer.

The transfer is this week, by the way. The practice of having p-day on Tuesday every sixth week has ended. A lot of missionaries were using that day to have going-away parties instead of working. Instead, we´re having business as usual and not telling anyone about his transfer until tomorrow night. I don´t even know the transfers, yet. It´s more fun this way, I think.

Anyway, that´s my week. I think I´ll go teach some souls,

Elder Belú

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