Hamburgers, Soccer, and a Baptism

Hi, people,

This weekend we had a missionary-effort activity in the ward and invited a huge number of people. We´ve been preparing this activity for a month now and it was a success, although not as many people arrived as should have. I have photos, but the time is far spent.

We also had a zone P-day today and Elder Alvarado and I used basically all day preparing or in the activity. (We cooked hamburgers, went to the mission home, ate with the zone, and then went to a rented soccer court to play soccer with the president and his son.) We have a lot still pending, with a zone conference in our area this Wednesday and a baptism Saturday.

The baptism is a miracle. We had decided that the kid wasn´t really ready or excited about his baptism, because he´s had to work late and we´ve missed a few lessons with him, but when we tried to change his baptismal date (which is usually depressingly easy with under-prepared people) he wouldn´t budge.He said that if he hasn´t received the lessons he needs, we can arrive more often and teach him. O sea, there´s a baptism.

I really don´t have time to write more, but all is well. Nobody was seriously hurt playing soccer (although I kicked the president´s son in the shin) and we´re progressing.

Elder Belú

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