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The Streets of Colombia

Hi, peoples,
I have another new cousin? Que chevere! Gracias por comunicarmelo!
To answer Mom’s questions about Colombia, the streets aren´t very clean. There are places where the people have serious money and things are almost the same as the states, but the normal is dirty (the grey water dumps directly in the street). There were always hundreds of pigs in the mud in my first area, but where I am now is the richest part of the richest city in the coast. Not so many pigs.
There is a lot of pop culture. The signs in the stores have Pitúfos (I hear that there are Pitúfos in the states, but I never saw one) and Shrek. Shakira is obviously big news, too. There´s also a lot of stuff from the rap culture and the Colombian version of rap is pretty close to rap. Vallenato, Salsa, Regatón, and Champeta are bigger, though.
My week has been normal. Í´m really learning my area, now, and we´re having comp. exchanges more than before). Elder Palma is still with us, probably until tomorrow (there are midmonth transfers scheduled for tomorrow. I think it´s pretty likely that my companion Elder Alvarado is getting transferred this time, too). It´ll be nice to get out of the trio. I really don´t like working like this, because only two missionaries can teach in one lesson without ignoring the investigator.
One the other hand, new investigators attended church and enjoyed it. The work is going well in our area, just not in the zone. We´ve got three families that we´ve teaching, plus a few other people here and there.
Anyway, that´s the weekly report from Colombia. Love you all and I´m thinking of you, at least once every day.
Elder Belú


We had transfers again. Me and my comp are still here and most of the zone. One of the elders from my group in the MTC is in the zone now, finishing the training of a new missionary. Elder Bean and Elder Smith were here for training to be trainers this week, too. We´re still new in the mission, but not so much as before.
I don´t have much time to write. We had to wash clothes, clean the house, and buy glasses for my comp today, so the time went fast. I used some of the money you sent to buy a new backpack, because the one I had died. I paid twenty-five bucks for the new one. It´s a good brand, and a simple backpack. It might finish the mission with me.
Just one quick question. The new van is green, we´ve got that down, but what year, model, make, brake type, engine size, and seating capacity. Those things are important, too. And fuel efficiency.
Okay, just that. I´m gonna go buy healthy food, now,
Elder Belú

Cool Things

A church activity, Zone p-day playing soccer, zone conference.

Keeping House and Goals


Hi, family,

The plans we made for the zone conference went well and the baptism went through without problems (I´ll try to send pictures). On the other hand, the president showed up at our door at ten at night to inspect the cleanliness of the house. The landlord complained that we´re not taking good care of the house, and it´s true. Missionaries sleep in our house when they´re finishing the mission and frequently they, and the missionaries who are being transferred out, leave their trash. The house was a wreck. The president had us wait while he inspected, and then had a little chat with us all. His wife was there, too, and helped with the skinning.

So we cleaned today. I´d be happy cleaning every p-day, but it´s pretty unpopular. If we wash the clothes we´re doing good, normally.

Elder Bean, my first companion, is training a new missionary now. We´re not new anymore, I guess. One of the assistants is finishing the mission in another transfer and left the mission office to really work his last month. The new one is a gringo that I know from my time in Cartagena. He was only a zone leader for one transfer and hasn´t been in the mission for much time (more than me, but I think he´s about at the 1 year mark).

I feel for Joseph on his Eagle project. I know how he feels, with all the problems with the project of Águila. Perseverance is the key. The experience of completing an Eagle project applies well to the later things in life. My zone is frustrating sometimes, with so many missionaries who don´t fulfill their assignments. There isn´t much disobedience, but we´re not reaching goals.

Anyway, we´re progressing okay. We have a lot of new investigators and new plans for the zone. We´ll see what happens this transfer.

The transfer is this week, by the way. The practice of having p-day on Tuesday every sixth week has ended. A lot of missionaries were using that day to have going-away parties instead of working. Instead, we´re having business as usual and not telling anyone about his transfer until tomorrow night. I don´t even know the transfers, yet. It´s more fun this way, I think.

Anyway, that´s my week. I think I´ll go teach some souls,

Elder Belú

Hamburgers, Soccer, and a Baptism

Hi, people,

This weekend we had a missionary-effort activity in the ward and invited a huge number of people. We´ve been preparing this activity for a month now and it was a success, although not as many people arrived as should have. I have photos, but the time is far spent.

We also had a zone P-day today and Elder Alvarado and I used basically all day preparing or in the activity. (We cooked hamburgers, went to the mission home, ate with the zone, and then went to a rented soccer court to play soccer with the president and his son.) We have a lot still pending, with a zone conference in our area this Wednesday and a baptism Saturday.

The baptism is a miracle. We had decided that the kid wasn´t really ready or excited about his baptism, because he´s had to work late and we´ve missed a few lessons with him, but when we tried to change his baptismal date (which is usually depressingly easy with under-prepared people) he wouldn´t budge.He said that if he hasn´t received the lessons he needs, we can arrive more often and teach him. O sea, there´s a baptism.

I really don´t have time to write more, but all is well. Nobody was seriously hurt playing soccer (although I kicked the president´s son in the shin) and we´re progressing.

Elder Belú

August Pics


The trip from Cartagena, a wild bird we watched as we waited for the bus in the rain, wet roads in Barranquilla, and other stories.