Busting Our Tails Over The Details

Hi, familia,

Chris, I´m glad to hear that you´re thinking about BYU admission. I don´t remember how long the application took, but you ought to start right away. If there´s a problem, you need to know right away.
This week has been interesting. Well, mainly yesterday. The asistentes called us yesterday in church to tell us that we needed to attend the coordination with the stake, with the information from the zone. The problem is that almost no one in the zone sent us that info and we didn´t have with us what they had sent. We received permission to go to an Internet cafe and print that info, but there aren´t any open on Sunday, so we had to ask for permission again to use the computer of a member. We wasted almost all of our working time on that and the meeting, and arrived sure that the president was going  be mad at us for not having the info. He just said there was need to repent, though, and we´re diligently repenting and ¨helping¨ others repent of not sending us the info.
The zone is a little bit unanimated, because it´s famous for being a difficult zone for baptisms (the president said in the meeting that contacting in our area, specifically, doesn´t work), but our zone leads the mission this week, mainly because of the secretaries who work in the other area in the ward where I am. They had five baptisms this week.
We´re badly behind today because we cleaned the house really well to send pictures to the president. We are trying to get permission to have a zone p-day and busting our tails over the details.
I don´t have much time to write, but I´ll trying to send pictures of my trip from Cartagena to Barranquilla and a few other things I´ve been meaning to send.
Anyway, that´s my story for the week,
Elder Belú
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