5000 Peso Meal

Hi, fambly,

Looks like your week has been exciting. I guess mine has, too, but not so much. The van looks pretty bad after Mom’s fender-bender. What are you driving now? What happened with the little truck you mentioned a few months ago, and with the Camaro?

I`m glad to hear that Dad is enjoying his classes. He`s been talking about this for a long time, and now it`s happening.

As for what I was doing on Saturday, I was setting the baptismal date for a new investigator. This area is a lot tougher than where I was before, because it`s rich (we contacted fifty-two people Friday and got two appointments).

Before, it was often annoying that so many people wanted to talk to us because we didn`t have time (and a lot of the people who wanted to talk to us wanted to just listen without changing anything in their lives, but that happens everywhere). Now the appointments are a little more valuable and a lot harder to get. We`re learning how to work with members, planning activities and family home evenings with friends, and finding people, though.

It`s funny, even though I`m a ZL, the hard part is still my own area. Knowing where to go and what to teach is the main thing we do and the hardest. I`m lost in my area still and we have to do exchanges.

Anyway, what kind of work is Chris hunting? What are his plans for study? Has he applied at BYU yet? Communicate, darn it. If you don`t tell me, I reflexively assume the worst about everything. What happened with the Nolens? Misty told me that they`ve moved. How many classes are you each taking and where? Does Dad have to go to Childersburg?

I`m attaching pictures of my lunch. He`s called Mojarra and tastes like tilapia (which is also from here). He is in company of a fried plátano and some rice. There were beans and fruit juice (real juice, made in the restaurant), but they already went the way of all the earth. In total, this was a five thousand peso meal (1800 pesos = $1).

Oh, and I said that this week was exciting. An example. We came home Thursday after a day of proselyting and found out that the toilet in one of the bathrooms had broken, dumping water (clean water, it was the reservoir) in the floor. There was about two inches of water in every room of the house. The damage was minimal, but still, there was damage.

Anyway, that`s what happens when you`re having fun.

Bye, now,

The one and only,

Elder Belù

One more thing.

A gringo who served here in Barranqilla came back to visit and spoke to the ward in Sacrament meeting. He talked about the things he learned and how he learned to focus on the things that are most important, like the mission, instead of on his beat up car. I think of Chris, and what love my dear parents have for him. Unlike this poor unfortunate soul, they didn`t sell the car for scrap while he was gone.

At least, not that I know of.

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