Training and Burger King

This week has been interesting, with mission council (like branch council, but with a bunch of zone leaders) and training. I learned quite a bit and feel more prepared for some of my responsibilities. Also less prepared for others that I understand better now, but oh, well. That`s life.

I`m glad to hear that Dad`s studying. He`s been talking about training up a little for a long time, and I think it`s a great idea. Good luck with the schedule. How many vehicles are you using for all of the people who have to be in different places?

I really don`t have a whole lot to say today, or much time. We lost a good bit of time sending data from the zone this morning and we`re running a little behind. We did find time to go to Burger King, though (the first time in a long, long time). It`s really not much more expensive here than there, it`s just that all of the other things in the country cost less (a whopper jr. with fries and a soft drink was about five bucks).

That`s the adventure for the week. I want to hear about what happens with Dad, with Mom`s new classes, and with the Ukrainian bum in the house.

Nos vemos,

Elder Belù

P.S. The foto is of my companion, Elder Alvarado.

Elder Alvarado

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