New Zone

Well, it really is crazy to be a zone leader. I don`t have time to write much, but I want to let you all know that I`m still alive and well. I`m in a part of Barranquilla that`s really rich (ridiculously, for Colombia). The people have cars, frequently, and air-conditioning in their houses.

Regarding what you said, Mom, I`m really frustrated at how little we`re working right now. I got used to a tough work load in Cartagena, working with Elder Jenson (a really good missionary) and afterward, directing my area, I got to choose the pace. Now my comp is directing everything.

We are in a tough area, and everyone tells me that contacting doesn`t work, but we had a baptism this week and the ward is helping a lot. We have more success with references, here. It`s still a baptizing mission, even in the richer parts.

I see from his pictures that Chris has lost weight. I think I`m holding steady, but all of the Latins call me fat.

Anyway, the situation should improve here with more time. We`re really busy right now because of three training meetings this week that we have to help with (mission-wide activities affect us because the office is in my zone; the assistants are in one of my districts).

Mom, you said your other concern is with disobedience among the misionaries. The DLs here are good, and I really don`t foresee problems. This is a safe zone.

We do have three of the new missionaries-in-training here, who arrived this past transfer, so we have to keep on our toes to make sure they get the training they need. We really don`t have any problems right now, more than just arranging things for meetings and working around the office.

We had a very fun experience this week, entering the chapel a little tardy to prepare for a baptism and finding the mission president with a group of leaders, but he didn`t kill anyone.

Anyway, no more time.  I`m alive,

Elder Belù

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