Leaving Nuevo Bosque ward in Cartagena

This week has been normal, working hard to find new investigators (there´s a shortage of cheap ones right now). Some of the people who help us the most from this ward have been gone on vacation, but with classes starting they´re back.

We got the word on transfers a little early, because Elder Pastrán has a lot of friends in the office. He told me (nobody else, just me) that a lot of the zone leaders are not going to be zone leaders anymore, with a lot of them training new missionaries and a lot of them finishing the mission. The zone leaders who were zone leaders when I got here are basically gone now, and the newer ones, who used to be my companions, are taking over. This means there are a lot of new ZLs, obviously. One missionary who was a junior companion is now a zone leader.

I´m leaving Nuevo Bosque, in Cartagena. I´ve been here for almost five months, so it´s time to go. It´s a great ward and I´ll miss the people, especially the Yepes family and my other converts, but it´s time to go. I´m going to be in Porvenir (means oncoming), in Barranquilla, the same zone that has the main office and the areas of secretaries in it. It´s rumored to be a rich and difficult area, but Elder Pastrán just came from that zone and he says that with faith, you can have a lot of success.

I was afraid I was going to be a district leader this transfer, but it didn´t happen. Instead I´m a Zone Leader. I guess I never officially became senior companion, but with the temporary missionary for two weeks, I wasn´t junior companion either.

I´m a little overwhelmed. Elder Pastrán told me this was coming yesterday and I didn´t believe him. I believe him now.

Anyway, I guess I´ll go work a little. We have to keep searching for ´gators for the gringo who´s coming to replace me. He sounds a little overwhelmed, too (he´s newer than I am).

I´ll try to write more next week, I just don´t have much time today.

Love you all,

Elder Belú

Explanatory Note: LDS Missionaries work as companions in an “area.” The senior companion is responsible for planning the work in his area. A district leader is responsible for several other sets of companions, perhaps 4 to 10 missionaries in all. A Zone Leader is over two or more districts. Usually a missionary is a senior companion and a district leader before he’s expected to run a zone.

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