Mucho gozo con mi hermano

Well, another week has passed. My brother is dying and my whole family is trunky.

Chris, I hate you for mentioning Chinese food. Mexican, even steak, I can handle, but not Chinese.  I`ve eaten cow stomach soup (sopa de mondungo), cow tongues (lengua de vaca), and a whole lot of other new things. Some are pretty good, some are just weird. There`s nothing like kung pao shrimp.

We are relaxing this p-day. Cleaning the house, washing clothes, defrosting the fridge (as you can see in one of my photos). I packed a small watermelon in a bucket of ice from the freezer and it`s waiting for me (depending on how honest the other two elders in our house are).

Things are going well. We have walked a huge amount, contacted a lot, taught a lot, and scheduled eleven baptismal dates (almost all of them fell through already, but that`s the refining process in the Colombian coast. You have to find a lot of people to find people who are ready to accept Jesus Christ in their lives).

Elder Pastràn is a powerful missionary and I`d be happy to stay in this area for another transfer with him. We`ll see what happens.

I thought it`d be really hard to understand an Argentino (their Spanish can be very different), but he only has enough accent to be cool. He also speaks English almost perfectly. He knew a lot when he entered the mission field, and has had of gringo companions, and practices a lot. He speaks English better than I speak Spanish, and I`m fairly comfortable in the language, now. Far from perfect, but I can communicate.

We learned yesterday that the health problem that one of the investigators has is lupus (I don`t remember how to spell it in English. The one that`s like cancer and attacks the marrow). We gave her a blessing and she says she`s recovering. It`s not a very serious case, right now, and as long as she does what the doctors say, she`ll live a full life without problems. One of my converts, Hilda, scolds her every time we talk for eating candy.

Anyway, that`s what`s happening. A week has passed, a lot of people are closer to salvation. We`re doing good.

Os quiero mucho y espero que tengais mucho gozo con mi freaking hermano, y que podais satisfacer vuestro trunkura.

Nos veremos màs ashà,

Elder Belù

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