Hi, people,

My mini-missionary is gone. The zone leaders received word of more mid-month transfers last night and he left this morning. I`m now with one of the missionaries who was in the office in Barranquilla. He`s Argentino, so he`s a little hard to understand, but he was in the office seven months and really wants to work.

I`ve had three companions now this transfer, and have had more companions in the mission than transfers. They`ve all been good comps, though, so no complaints.

This week one of our investigators disappeared for a few days. He didn`t show up for an appointment and didn`t answer his phone. I almost let him go, since he lives kind of far away, but last night I felt like we needed to find him. We walked out to where he lives (not too far, about 25 minutes walking fast) and found him in the house. His phone quit and he had to change numbers, but he`s okay and excited again.

It seems like things keep going like they`re going. Mid-month transfers are normal for me now. It`s a little hard to say that I`m twenty, when I introduce myself in lessons, but that`ll get old.

I`m junior companion again. I never really changed, on paper, but I was basically senior comp for a while. I didn`t like the pressure, but I think my self-confidence improved. I know now that I can be a missionary without adult supervision, although maybe not a terribly effective one (I just haven`t been able to find a lot of new investigators, a common problem, but I don`t like it). I just keep thinking about what Elder Jenson did and how successful he was. I think he`s still the best missionary I`ve met, and I learned a ton from him.

I think I`ll be leaving the area in two weeks (the transfer when Chris finishes, que trunki), and getting another new comp. That means 6 companions in just over 4 transfers (right now I`m with 5 comps in almost 4 transfers, not much different). On the other hand, I`m never with a companion for so long that his habits annoy me. Pluses.

Anyway, that`s what`s happening with me.

Much love, and stuff like that,

Elder Belù

Here are pictures of Ruben Garcìa and a quick picture of Elder Pastràn, taken here in the internet site. I want to send the pictures of Ruben to Ruben, but I forgot his email address in the house, so it`ll have to wait until next week.

Elder Pastràn

Ruben Garcìa

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