Okay, it´s been a little rocky this week. We´ve got a lot of people prepping for baptism, but not many new investigators, and without new investigators next month will be rough. We also haven´t been able to teach or contact much because we´ve been in meetings all week. We had a zone conference this week with the president. The next day we had interviews and every interview went over time (fifteen minutes planned for every interview). We had to leave (at eleven-thirty at night) and return at eight-thirty the next morning to finish.

My interview was forty minutes, because I had a list of questions to clarify my understanding of the rules. I learned a lot, though. We´re never allowed, for example, to use the familiar form of Spanish. With our companions, little kids, nobody. We´re also not allowed to eat hardly any prepared food that´s sold in the little stores, even though all of the Latinos eat it (They aren´t allowed to, either). Some of that stuff is really good, too.

We had a stake conference again this week, a special session because they released the old stake president. I was really sleepy, because we´ve lost so much sleep in meetings, but it was still good.

We visited La Muralla (the Cartagena city wall) today, and I have a lot of pictures, but I forgot my camera cable, so I´ll have to send them the next time.

I feel a lot more comfortable than last week. The pressure of directing my area has slacked off a little. We have to find a part of the city I´ve never even heard of before today, though, so the pressure may return shortly. Anyway, that´s what´s going on.

There are magnolias in the woods at home, close to the artesian well, but I don´t remember exactly how big the leaves are. Some of them are pretty respectable. Joseph can help Mom find them.

Hey, me and Chris received native companions the same transfer. Only, he´s leaving and I´m starting. Huh.

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