Hi, peoples,

First, my comp´s name was Derek Ward. I´m not sure how to find him, though, since that´s not an uncommon name. He´s from Idaho and has studied at BYU. I think ýou´ve got pictures of him that I sent, as well.

I don´t remember what I wrote about the two sisters who hadn´t accepted baptismal dates who we talked with last Sunday.

Yesterday, one of them attended church (she always does), and asked us to visit during the day. We arrived and she told us that she´ll be baptized in two weeks, and invited us to handle the details. I don´t know what happened, but it made my day. All the rest of the family has already been baptized and are attending regularly; her sons are visiting with us frequently.

I’ve been thinking about a family I met here. Two or three years in the church, and partially active. Specifically, the mom and the older son who´s still at home are active. The son’s leaving the 16th on his mission to Argentina.

The dad, on the other hand, is falling behind a little. Yesterday at church I asked the son how his dad was and he told us about the night before, when his dad came home from work late, staggering drunk. This happens every fifteen days, because he´s paid every fifteen days.

The family is falling apart in the States. Here, it already fell. We can hardly contact in the weekends and holidays (today is a holiday) because the streets are full of drunken men. Their wives are waiting in the house, but not expecting them until the morning. We see families, with a man, a woman, and kids, walking together about once every day. The parents who are with their kids aren´t married, and don´t teach or discipline their kids.

I can´t explain what it means to me, to have a family, to have the support of knowing that nobody in my family is going to die drunk in a ditch, and to have parents who actually care. It´s another world here.

Anyway, I´m running out of time. I really hope Chris doesn´t push his ideas of professional modeling, or anything like that. Translating Harry Potter, books, now. That would be cool. I´m translating my Patriarchal blessing. Maybe books later.

Pues, bye now. Talkamos later.

Elder Belú

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