I Like to Eat Eat Eat Apples and Bananas. . .

Hi, people,
This week has actually been different. We went to Barranquilla on Wednesday and had a multi-zone conference with the Area President, Elder Nash (a gringo from Ohio). He talked about a lot of things, for example the need to commit investigators. It was powerful.

We had plans to have a baptism this week, but he wasn´t ready. I feel kind of bad, because we didn´t prepare him very well, but we couldn’t have known about some of his problems (and he´s tough to find). Those are great excuses, I think.

Following the advice we received from Elder Nash, we committed a sister who´s been attending church for a couple of months to be baptized. It´s tough to change people when they haven´t accepted a date for a long time, but she listened.

It´s been a good week in setting dates for baptisms, but pretty bad in all the numbers we report.

Sounds like Mom’s school is going well.  I read some stuff about bugs you wrote, but it doesn´t make sense. How fun. I´ll share the data about people-eating parasites with my comp, he´ll love it.

Grandpa sent me a letter about a trip to Argentina. I look forward to traveling a little after the mission, too. The world opens up when you leave the States and learn a language. I´d feel comfortable in a lot of countries, now.

We had a successful English class this week for the first time, with about forty people, including several investigators and a few new people. We taught the bishop to sing ¨I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas¨ to practice the sounds and now he´s doing it so much that his wife´s going nuts. That´s success.

In church yesterday we had twelve investigators and a few nonmembers who don´t count because they´re not progressing or haven´t talked to us. We usually have six or eight.

One of the people who was supposed to give a talk didn´t show, so during one talk the bishop had a gopher fetch me from my seat, assigned me a topic, we sang a rest hymn, and I talked. That´s never happened to me before, but it was really easy. I went over time, about ten minutes. We study the gospel with the goal of teaching so much that when the chance comes to teach, we can teach. It works.

A counselor in the bishopric referred to my talk afterward, as the talk of Elder Behú, my companion being Elder Jen.

Anyhow, that´s my week. It´s always good to read about what´s going on at home, so keep writing.

Elder Behú

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