Stake Conference

Hello, people,
Well, it´s been another week. I´m still here and still going. A sister we´re teaching said yesterday that I´m getting fat, but I´m not sure I believe her. (My clothes fit the same and she doesn´t see very well.) We´ll see what happens.
We had a stake conference this weekend. It was a great experience for us missionaries, but pretty awful for the investigators. Normally we have several in sacrament meeting, but yesterday in the stake center there was one investigator. As of yesterday we don´t have a single progressing investigator. (They don´t count if they don´t attend) There was a seventy in the conference (Elder Torres) and he taught really well. Also, he´s from Cali, so he speaks really clearly. I could understand almost everything. He passed by us as he was leaving, so we shook his hand and thanked him. I´ve spoken with two actively serving seventies in my life, now.
Another elder from my district in the MTC, Elder Kimball, is in my zone now, as I may have mentioned. We didn´t have time to talk, really, but I said hi. I don´t know about other districts in the MTC, but mine was pretty close. We all had the same call, the same challenge, basically, and we were stuck together for two months.
I finally tried out my card, pulled out $100,000 (in pesos. That´s fifty bucks, American). It says there´s no charge, but I´d like it if someone could verify that part and let me know (go online and see if there was a charge in Colombia, then send me the amount).
What you said about BYU looks great. They actually want to help students out, which is a strange thing to think about when you´re in Colombia. The people here are nice, but business is business, and doesn´t want to help. Anyone. The Pell grant is quite large, by the way. It´s not enough for everything, but it goes a long way if you´re careful. Work should be easier to find for Chris, too, because he´s not a nineteen-year old freshman.
So Lee is married. Huh.
Anyway, that´s what I can remember about the week. Talkamos más later.
Elder Belú
An old companion of my companion is now an assistant. I wonder if that means we´ll get information sooner.
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