Loose Ends

There´s not a whole lot to say today, since we just talked, and I don´t have many new pictures. Just a few thoughts, I guess. I´d like to hear more about Jason and Catherine, the new job, and stuff.

And I want a tornado, too. The pictures you sent look really cool. Alabama is hermoso.

John Casey got his name from Catherine´s dad and Jason´s grandpa, obviously. Or did he? The truth lies a bit deeper, and I can´t disclose everything, but there is a secret agent named John Casey somewhere in the world of Chuck. I can say no more.

I don´t know if it was obvious, but Sunday night is a little frustrating for missionary work here. My comp and I don´t like Sunday, which is a little bit bad, I guess, but the truth. It´s really hard to teach because everybody´s drunk and listening to music really loud.

During the week, though, we teach a lot. We have a goal of one lesson taught for every hour worked and twenty contacts a day. We normally get the contacting done, but we´re a little weaker on lessons. We´re short two or three every week.

I´m glad you couldn´t call the number I called from on Saturday, but it wouldn´t have helped you much. Colombia has something called Sais (say it like like psi corp), where they have phones with access to different providers. I called from a sai, so you would have gotten a Colombia who speaks no English and likely doesn´t the difference between a missionary and a prophet (they´re bad about that).

The same thing basically goes for the mission home. They can´t reach me when I´m working any better than you can, since I don´t have a cell phone, and most of them don´t speak English. Anyway, that´s that.

We´ll talk again soon, in December.


If I want to.

Elder Belú

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