Two Transfers

Hi, Family and People,

I´m sorry I forgot to tell ya’ll about the change in p-day. We have p-day in Tuesday when there are transfers and this week was a transfer week. Prayers were answered, by the way; me and my companion are going to stay here. I don´t have much time to write. We`re later starting and I have to set up my skype account. The things that need to be said can be said later.

I did try my card and was able to do a balance check. If you look in the internet account you should be able to see that someone checked the account in Colombia. I think there was a small charge, as well. I want to know how much the charge was, if you can find out.

In related news, there´s been a change in the assignment of money in this mission. We have about fifty bucks a week now, which is a huge amount of money. I don`t foresee problems in living day to day, although if I want to buy big things I`ll need money from home. I don`t want to pull out just a little, though, because they charge the same to pull out five dollars as a hundred. I`d like to pull about a hundred when I remember to, to have on hand.

I`ll be calling home at night, Saturday, I think. We still don`t know exactly. I think I`ll have to call home briefly to organize things and then call with skype the next day.

Reading the letter from Mom made me think of Mark Twain`s ¨Guying the Guides¨. Do a few mean things to them for me, please.

And I rides in taxis frequently. So there.

Other thing, for Dad. I was in the double digit fidgets until just lately. Now I´m old. I`ve got two transfers, now.

Elder Belù

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