Baptisms and Finding My Way Around

 Hi, peoples,
This week has been good and bad. First, a couple of notes: I still haven`t tried to use my card yet, hopefully sometime today I`ll have time (there aren`t a lot of ATMs close). We´ll be calling at eight or nine at night, the weekend of Mother`s Day, either Saturday or Sunday. Still don`t know that part.

We had baptisms this week. A family that`s been preparing for a long time finally took the plunge. One of the sons in the family decided that he`s ready for baptism and pushed almost the whole family into deciding, too. The dad had decided to be baptised. With the support of the family, he went ahead and committed. The mom is waiting about baptism, but she told us it`s just a matter of time.

What has me especially excited is that the son who decided first about baptism also wants to serve a mission. He went teaching with us yesterday, directly after his confirmation, and I gave him an extra copy of PMG. If he does go on a mission, he could be in the field around the midway mark of my mission, and his younger brother could leave a few months after I get home. That`s how the dominoes do it, anyway. I feel successful.

However, in an exchange this Friday I had to stay in my area with another elder from my district while Elder Jensen did an interview in the other area. We wandered for an hour searching for a house in a maze of other identical houses. I can speak Spanish more or less, share gospel principles that change lives for eternity, and live in a country where nobody speaks English, thousands of miles from home, but I can`t find anything in my area. My biggest weakness may well be my inability to navigate in the mission. The time I use searching for houses isn`t mine.

Things are improving, though. I can find our house and the church and the houses of some investigators. Maybe Elder Jensen will be here for another transfer before I have to navigate with a new comp.

Sin embargo, that´s life. Have fun in strange places, like the USA and Italy. I can almost understand Italian, now. Someone we visited yesterday was watching TC in Italian and I almost didn`t notice it wasn`t Spanish. I still don`t understand Spanish perfectly either, but Italian will be a piece of cake, after Spanish. Russian, maybe not.

Pues, chao, see you later.

Elder Belù

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